Product feeds are the fuel of your online marketing. You probably already know that. As an e-commerce marketer, you are constantly striving to expand your brand, reach consumers, and covert. Eventually, when consumers find your products, whether it is on Google Shopping, publisher sites or comparison shopping engines, they are facing your product feeds. Are your product feeds up-to–it?

Product feeds are typically generated by your e-commerce platform, so you do not need to worry, right? Well, you are in a good company. Marketers tend to blindly rely on their e-commerce platform to generate the product feed they need. Are they wrong?

Products details to your product feed is like pixels to a picture. The more the merrier.

Products details are imortant to your product feedA highly detailed product feed that includes all product variants, materials, shipping information, specifications, promotional texts, availability, pricing etc. enables your marketing channels to give the consumer a clearer, more appealing peak at your products. Would you buy a blurry picture?

Furthermore, missing keywords and attributes will affect the surfacing of your products during consumer search, resulting in unmet demand and loss of potential revenue.

Merchandizing information can make a difference

Publishers are always looking to promote products that generate more revenue. Aligning the product feeds with merchandising information, can help publishers attract consumers, using information such as:

  • “New Arrivals” or “Trendy” recommendations that attract trendy shoppers
  • “Best picks” suggestions that appeal to savvy consumers
  • “Plus Size” or “Petite Size” indications that draw-in potential buyers

Merchandising information on the product feeds can also aid other marketing efforts such as Google Shopping campaigns and retargeting. Make sure you marketing channels are informed.

Social information can help you win …

Social information can help you winSocial recommendations influence the buying decisions. It is a well-known fact that has been proven time after time in many studies. High rating, number of likes, tweets, etc. will help you win the consumer’s attention and yield more clicks for your products. Can your marketing channels take advantage of this information? Most likely, not.

The vast majority of product feed do not include social information. And that’s a shame …

Google Shopping: Feed me, Seymour…

Unlike the giant plant in “Little Shop of Horrors”, you do not need to bleed in order to grow your Google business. You just need to provide the right information:

Highly detailed product feed and product rating will grant you better ranking and reduced bidding expenses

Best picks will help your bidding optimization. Your agency will be able to bid more on the best converting products and increase sales

Product order in each category will help your agency bid on the most popular products in each category, which are also available in a variety of sizes. Biding less or eliminating the products at the bottom of each category will save expenses.

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link

Have you ever considered that your product feed is a weak link?

Now you can find out. Contact us for free of charge audit.