As a commerce business with an online store, you know the importance of high-quality product data. Strong product data increases your top and bottom-line revenue, optimizes your digital marketing spend and boosts your visibility online. 

Goldenfeeds increases revenue for online retailers by effortlessly generating, maintaining and distributing high quality product data feeds to their marketing channels. We work with 130 leading retailers, including high profile brands from Nike and Jimmy Choo to Harrods and Ikea, helping them make their digital marketing spend go further.


Is your data ready for publication?


Although Magento is a very comprehensive and popular e-commerce platform, the EAV database architecture it uses can create issues when users attempt to export large amounts of products. Goldenfeeds’ technology removes this as a problem, by exporting data easily using our Magento plug-in and turning it into high quality data feeds, before publishing it to multiple endpoints.

We also review the data with our clients to help them make the most of every channel, not only saving them time, but also making the entire process much more efficient.


Are all attributes populated to the required level?


Having a data feed is ineffective unless each field is populated with enough detail to send comprehensive, accurate data to market. The attributes could be anything from the product title, price, or stock levels, to the colour, photo and product description. Of course, the product catalogue will vary depending on the sector or industry, but it’s crucial that these accurately reflect the products in question, allowing you to pull ahead of the competition.

Goldenfeeds’ technology ensures that all attributes are populated to the required level for every channel, reflecting our clients’ current stock levels, availability, and latest product releases. As long as you keep your website updated accurately, Goldenfeeds technology will do the rest. We can also ingest additional data sources to fill the gaps.


Do all products adhere to Google categorization?


Google has over 6,000 categories and, in order to be found by consumers and therefore be purchased, it’s crucial that your product is categorized correctly. Goldenfeeds data feeds give you more control over your campaign targeting by accurately categorizing your products. Ultimately, this means that your ads will be seen as many times as possible by the right audience.


How can Goldenfeeds help your Magento feeds?


All Goldenfeeds users are given access to the Easyfeeds portal which stores all data feeds which have been produced for users by Goldenfeeds, while also facilitating any data feeds users wish to create for themselves. Using our unique Magento plug-in to extract data, we deliver hundreds of feeds each day to various marketing channels. We also consult with our clients on what could be done better and we’re constantly updating our roadmaps to reflect this feedback.


Do you want to optimize your feed without having to lift a finger? Contact us for your free feed audit today.