Customers access your online store via a number of different sources. There’s your organic traffic, paid Google search ads, or your classic online display ads. Your visual marketing efforts are a crucial part of your overall business strategy, whether that’s offering promotions and advertising them across your platforms, or deploying third party tools onsite. 

Examples of these third party tools could be tactical placement of your hero products across your website, and displaying positive customer testimonials or your review score online. These components all feed into creating a visually engaging site to encourage more traffic, drive shopping cart value, and increase your sales volume.

However, when it comes to producing your data feed, the more visual elements of your marketing strategy oftentimes don’t filter through to the feed. Having these details in your product data ensures that your feeds and product catalog are more accurate and up-to-date, allowing customers to find your products more easily.

Goldenfeeds’ technology can easily capture this missing data to augment and vastly improve the effectiveness of your feed. The more detailed and mature your feed is, the more likely you are to encourage customer purchases and increase your revenue. Our technology extracts data from your site and turns it into high quality data feeds, sequentially improving your product catalog and your customers’ online shopping experience.


How to improve your data feed


Improving your data feed, as discussed above, has a whole host of benefits, particularly as it encourages shoppers to buy more products from your store. We recommend:

  • Scheduling product data to be fetched multiple times per day
  • Making product information complete and compelling
  • Updating shipping and stock information
  • Writing high quality, optimized product copy

Ensuring you tick all of the above boxes means that your product data will be as fresh as possible and will show a clear representation of your current stock levels, complete with detailed product information. Goldenfeeds’ technology will extract the updated, comprehensive information from your online store, so the more detailed the data is, the higher the quality of your product data feed.


How can Goldenfeeds help your visual marketing strategy?


Goldenfeeds understands the challenges and adversities that complex solutions like Magento, Demandware and others inherently pose. While some limitations may be critical, the generation of high-quality data feeds to channels like Google, Facebook, affiliate networks, remarketing or any other distribution partner is easily solved. We can extract all your product data, either by plug-in or visual information collection, which requires only minimal effort on your part.

As Goldenfeeds provides a fully managed service, we carry out all the mapping of categories, proactive QA, upload, and monitoring for you. Contact us today to start your free trial, which will demonstrate to you that better data drives higher revenues.