International Expansion The majority of merchants and publishers are seeing growth opportunities in foreign markets. As brands expand to more and more countries they face many challenges. The need to create multiple feeds in many different languages and currencies is one of them. Many brands also struggle with international feed generation as well as creating and managing agreements with the local affiliate networks.

Are you ready for localization?

As shoppers in different markets are incented to purchase in different ways, there may be local differences in language, shipping prices product information, promotions, and of course currency. Each international website requires its own feeds that reflect the preferences and requirements of local consumers and marketing channels. The best way to create an up-to-date local feed is to scan each local website and extract all relevant information from it. This ensures that the feed is fully localized with the promotions, shipping info, etc.

Currency conversion

Building and managing multiple localized sites is time and budget consuming. Therefore many retailers use a single site with multiple currency options. Generating international feeds, in this case, may involve site scanning that extract the product information for one of the currencies and using one of the following methods to generate the additional currencies:

  • Scan pricing only using the various currency options in the site
  • Get and external file with the additional currencies

A new product feed is created for every currency, using the product information extracted in the full scan, and the pricing information (per currency).

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